Nowhere Men

Book about illegal migration in a globalized world.

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More than four million illegal immigrants live in Europe today. And countless are leaving their homes towards the old continent at this very moment. In search for a better life they drive through deserts in rusty trucks, set across seas on rotten wooden barges and pass borders hidden under smoldering engine hoods. However, our knowledge of their lives is mostly limited to tragic news reports or simple political messages. The book project Nowhere Men aims to provide an alternative view on their lives and wants to make the complex reality of these people more tangible—by telling their story and putting it in a broader context.

Nowhere Men tells the stories of six illegal immigrants in our globalized world. It maps out connections between their experiences and economical, political, social and cultural processes. From the slums of Mumbai, and the oil fields of Iraq, to the offices of multinational companies and powerful politicians, right up to airport strikes, Black Friday sales and Lampedusas’ coastguard Nowhere Men paints a picture where illegal migration becomes the inevitable, but logical, consequence of a tremendously disbalanced world.

Published by → luftschacht, Vienna