Klassensprachen 2nd edition

Poster and invitation for the 2nd edition.

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Klassensprachen investigates the relationship between social class and language from various artistic perspectives. The project was initiated by five female curators, educators and writers who explore this theme through workshops, exhibitions and publications. For their ongoing series of exhibitions in Berlin and Düsseldorf we developed a visual identity that is based on a distinctive abstraction of the letter K. On one side, this K stands for → Klassensprachen–the title of the project–and on the other side its constructed shapes and hard borders represent ideas of language, hierarchy and social territories. The proportions of the K are flexible and adapt to different formats and media. Combined with an idiosyncratic combination of typefaces and a spot color that changes for every exhibition, the identity of this long-term project stays recognizable while still flexible on posters, flyers and on the web.