HKB Zeitung — analog/digital

Newspaper using augmented reality.

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Over the course of one year students of the University of the Arts Bern (HKB) explored questions of materiality in a digital age. We were commissioned to design a special issue of the HKB-newspaper that presents their projects and thereby reflects on the different conditions of analogue and digital materiality. In order to evoke ideas of these two conditions on an intellectual and visual level, we combined two narratives: The first shows photographic details of the students projects in black and white, rhythmically arranged and directly juxtaposed. The second one shows custom, barcode-like, graphic shapes, that reveal further information about the projects through an open source augmented reality app. These shapes trigger additional text, video and audio material if you scan them with your smartphone and relate on a visual level to abstract processes of translation from the analogue to the digital.